Steamed Asparagus the Alton Brown Way

steamed asparagus

I learned something new this week. Something so simple and successful that I can’t wait to blog about it. Because if you don’t know this trick, I think you’ll be equally as excited to learn it. That all hinges, of course, on whether or not you like asparagus.

One of my husband’s work colleagues i...

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Roasted Beet and Fig Salad

beet and fig salad

I’ve been hosting a lot of company lately. My husband’s colleagues keep showing up to the house so I guess that means they like my cooking. Or maybe it’s just the well-stocked liquor cabinet...

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Peach and Jalapeño BBQ Sauce

peach & jalapeño bbq sauce

Pork and fruit are a natural pair. Like wine and cheese, pen and paper, Rocky and Bullwinkle. And when it comes to flavors, sweet and spicy are a remarkable couple. The kind of couple that clears the floor when they come to dance...

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How To Keep Those Fresh Berries Fresh!


I’m guilty of it. I bet you might be too. Buying too much fruit, not eating it all quickly enough and the next thing you know it’s moldy.  Maybe you have your own trees/bushes/vines and can’t keep up with production. Or you have a most generous neighbor who shares their berries with you...

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Stuffed Eggplant with Turkey, Mushrooms and Arugula

Close up of stuffed eggplant with melted cheese

While visiting the farmer’s market last Saturday, I decided to try my hand at a veggie I don’t cook very often. Eggplant. This one particular booth had more varieties than I could even identify, so I picked up a couple of long, slender (and very pretty) eggplants to add to my bag...

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